Friendship Twists: Bracelets & Anklets!


When you are ordering a bracelet or anklet, you must include the following details specifically:


1. Pattern of bracelet(s)/anklet(s).


2. Colors (provided on the pattern description in the Products Section).

 -The amount of colors you will need for your certain bracelet/anklet is provided on the pattern description of your desired bracelet/anklet pattern in the Products section.

-You will find color choices at the Color Chart. 


3. Number of bracelets/anklets.


4. If you want it/them as a bracelet or anklet.


5. What size wrist/ankle you have (measure yourself!).


When you order your bracelet(s)/anklet(s), we will send a confirmation email as soon as possible. But before we begin to make your bracelet(s)/anklet(s), we must first receive payment, either by paypal (rigged up for this shop) or personal check (or cash). And then, we will begin making your bracelet(s)/anklet(s) immediately.


Shipping is going to be $1.00...unless you want an outrageous amount of bracelets or anklets, or you live in a country other than the USA. In those cases you will have to contact us so that we can give you another shipping price. The standard shipping price for customers living in the USA should be on the bill that you will receive when you are paying for your bracelet(s)/anklet(s).


1. You must pay before you get your product.

2. If you need bracelets or anklets by a certain day, you will have to notify us in advance. To make it simple, just try to notify us 2 weeks before the day you need the bracelet(s) or anklet(s). If we finish it/them before the day you need it/them, we can mail it/them to you directly after finishing, you can pick it/them up at Lindsey or Elizabeth's house, or we can drop it/them off at your house (if it is convenient for us).

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  • "I have never ordered a bracelet directly from this website but they are so easy to work with, 100 percent reliable, super trustworthy, and just an amazing company"
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    Kelsey vanLattis
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