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Hello Everyone!  Lindsey S. and Elizabeth M. would like to welcome you to Friendship Twists: Bracelets & Anklets - the shop of 2 teens and best friends. We are 16 years old.  Since we have been creating friendship bracelets and anklets for a while, and we absolutely love making them, we decided to start a small business.  But hopefully, through people like you, our business will soon increase. We know many intricate patterns currently, and we're continuing to learn more.  You can trade these bracelets/anklets, collect them, give them to friends as gifts, or simply keep them for youself.  We hope that you will enjoy our products, and share this website with your friends. Order a bracelet/anklet today!

Get Your Personalized Bracelet or Anklet!

We decided to expand our business a little by spelling letters and numbers on the bracelets and anklets.  We make these bracelets unique, so we can spell anything you want us to spell.  We can make a batch for your sports team, your theater group, a class at school, or we can even just spell out your name.  The price for personalizing a bracelet or anklet in this way is $2.00 a letter/number. Order one!  Start a trend.

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  • "I have never ordered a bracelet directly from this website but they are so easy to work with, 100 percent reliable, super trustworthy, and just an amazing company"
  • "I just want to say that Friendship Twists: Bracelets & Anklets is the coolest and most professional business I know of!! I ordered 2 Diamond ones and they were (and still are) s..."
    Kelsey vanLattis
    Friend and Customer
  • "I love these bracelets and anklets! They are absolutely adorable! I would TOTALLY recommend you buying them! Also, the more expensive ones are MUCH more pretty and more worth..."